750,000 people to benefit from sanitation campaign in Uganda.

June 2021

The annual Sons and Daughters of the Soil (SODAS) campaign, which is run by the USAID Uganda Sanitation for Health Activity (USAID USHA) works towards an impactful change to the sanitation movement.

Now in its second year, SODAS applied various marketing methods to reach residents in communities that need improved sanitation the most. Among these methods are community outreach programs through health promoters, focused group discussions, social media campaigns, radio and TV commercials to drum up awareness and reach residents.

USAID estimates that more than 750,000 people will benefit from the campaign by learning about SATO and how they can use the SATO Pan to upgrade open pit toilets into closed pit latrines.

Following positive product reviews from early adopters in the country, SATO products continue to be lauded as the product of choice for improved sanitation, for its affordability, accessibility, and durability.

Polled users in Uganda have cited that the key drivers that motivate them to buy and install the SATO pan are its modern features, sanitary factors, and affordability. It has been seen that many homes, schools, and health facilities prefer SATO for toilet upgrades.

We look forward to a continued collaboration with the sanitation players in Uganda and to continue positive outcomes in accessing better sanitation for many more.

To learn more about the project and collaborate with SATO, reach out to us on sato@lixil.com