SATO Rwanda Marks Day of the African Child with a donation to National Children Development Agency (NCDA)


SATO Rwanda marked the Day of the African Child (June 16) by upgrading toilets in an Early Childhood Development (ECD) home in Ntarama sector, Bugesera District, where we installed five SATO Flex pans and one SATO Stool. The upgrade will benefit 50 children aged between 2-6 years, their caregivers, and the community at large.

When it comes to child development, early childhood development is very important. The early years become the foundation of children’s future development, providing them with a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities.

The SATO installation was made in an event themed “Isibo, a pivot to child development” which stands for “the development of a child starts from within the grassroots community” and was hosted by the Government of Rwanda, in collaboration with the National Children Development Agency (NCDA).

The occasion called upon the public and private sectors to play their rightful role in supporting early child development and sensitized the community on how to improve hygiene and nutrition through drinking safe water and practicing improved sanitation.

Speaking at the event, Cyrus Ntaganira, SATO representative in Rwanda, highlighted the key benefits of the installed SATO products which include eliminating odors, keeping away flies, being easy to clean, saving water, and providing safer toilets for children. The overall response was astoundingly positive.

“We are delighted to partner with the Government of Rwanda and stakeholders to impact early childhood development in our communities who deserve a more pleasant toilet experience. SATO is expanding in Rwanda and, with our consumer-centric approach, we are looking forward to increasing access to affordable basic sanitation and hygiene to more communities in the country.” commented Cyrus.

In line with celebrating the Day of the African Child, the government also launched a quarterly Early Childhood Development Day to increase awareness of its integrated services. Other upcoming activities will include annual monitoring of the growth of children below five years with the goal of combating malnutrition and stunted growth.

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