SATO to disseminate latest consumer insights at the virtual FSM6 Conference

31st May to 4th June 2021

SATO has been selected to host a ninety (90) minutes live session at International Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Conference. The designation was made by a subcommittee of the FSM6 Conference Committee, and the FSM Alliance based on key strengths, including:

● Practical relevance of SATO’s innovative and affordable sanitation and hygiene solutions, customer centric design and latest examples of relevant projects and case studies

● Practical inclusiveness showcased through coordinated and expanded service delivery and improved service levels for previously underserved communities from the poorest wealth quintiles / low-income settings, informal settlements, and marginalized communities. SATO has brought access to sanitation to over 25 million people in 38+ countries.

● Collaborative partnerships: SATO collaborates with different sanitation actors including UNICEF, USAID, JICA and many more to help achieve SDG 6.2 and bring basic sanitation for those who need it the most.

SATO’s consumer insights:

Understanding consumer behaviors at the waste capture stage has implications on the functioning of sanitation value chains. SATO’s presentation at FSM6 will:

● Disseminate findings from consumer study on the adoption of SATO pans in peri-urban Accra, Ghana, along with global examples.

● Share learnings and experiences among decision makers and practitioners on user needs and wants in different settings.

● Discuss perceptions of solutions, benefits, and implications on the scale up of safely managed sanitation.

A panel of global sanitation practitioners led by SATO and attended by Archipel&Co, Total Family Health/PSI - Ghana, Scope - India and Akyas - Jordan will offer perspectives on consumer needs and wants and how these impact on the sanitation value chain.

The panel will also delve into dialogue on holistic sanitation solutions including the role of consumers behavior on driving viable sanitation value chains and discuss the need for increased collaboration among public sector and consumer facing private sector in businesses related to hygiene and sanitation.

To learn more and register to attend the International Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) Conference visit their website on

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.