SATO joins partners in #FlushTheVirus COVID-19 response initiative


In our efforts to help stem the spread of COVID-19 we collaborated with UNICEF South Asia, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Health Department, manufacturing partner Nirgandh and operation and maintenance partners Triratna Prerana Mandal & Citizens Association for Child Rights. The goal was to improve sanitation for frontline health workers in the #FlushTheVirus Campaign. We did this by installing mobile toilets fitted with the SATO Toilet pan. These toilets are safe and hygienic for frontline health workers who are treating patients with COVID-19.

Frontline health workers have been the unsung heroes of the global efforts to stop the spread of the virus. They deserve and need access to the highest level of hygiene to keep themselves and their patients safe.

Health and safety

Maintaining the health and safety of health workers is critical. That’s why the efforts of SATO and its partners to provide toilets for health workers is so important.

Within the setting of a medical environment there can be no compromises on hygiene. With our experience in designing and developing sanitation solutions, SATO toilets can be installed and safely used in demanding conditions.

Speed is of the essence during a pandemic. Because of the ease of installation of SATO toilets, the toilets were quickly assembled by our partners. And because of the network of partners in India, SATO could quickly mobilize resources as soon as the threat of the pandemic became apparent.

The SATO toilets, mounted on mobile platforms, were installed in various parts of the country. The toilets, in the distinctive SATO-blue, contain the SATO Toilet, handwashing facilities and a mobile water source.

The result is a network of safe, clean toilets, available in key locations with no smell, no flies and no exposure to hygiene-related diseases.

COVID-19 has taught the world how crucial essential basic hygiene practices such as washing hands are. SATO Toilets and SATO Tap address these two aspects of the hygiene equation.

Our partnerships with various stakeholders to build and maintain toilets in medical centers across India have positively contributed to local and national efforts to beat COVID-19. We will continue working with our partners to boost sanitation in Indian communities.