LIXIL continues to lead global sanitation with Erin McCusker’s appointment as Chair

85,7000 Children under-15 die from diarrhoea, girls are becoming victims of sexual violence as they collect water or venture out to use latrines, 72,000 under-5 die annually from illnesses linked to WASH-access problems.

The Steering Committee of the Toilet Board Coalition (TBC), has voted in its new leadership for a two year term commencing 1 September 2019. Erin McCusker, Chief Strategy Officer SATO, LIXIL Corporation has become the Chair of the Toilet Board Coalition.

LIXIL is a founding member of the Toilet Board Coalition, a business led public-private partnership. Its members are multinational corporations, development expert NGOs / IGOs and social investors—all dedicated to ensuring smart, sustainable sanitation systems for the future while delivering sanitation to all.

As Chief Strategy Officer for SATO, McCusker will bring not only her passion for the role of the private sector in solving our global challenges, but also her rigor and commitment to creating value for the members to her appointment at the Toilet Board Coalition.

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