SATO smart and affordable toilet solutions are already trusted and used by over 6 million people in 14 countries in Africa and Asia.
Improve your everyday life. Be the next to treat your family with a smell-free SATO.

About SATO

SATO Will Change Your Life

SATO offers safe, affordable, and durable solutions for a better and more hygienic toilet experience.
Installing SATO will help you and your family enjoy a healthier and more comfortable life.

Safe, Clean, and Smell-Free

Unique self-sealing trap doors closing quickly and seal tightly to eliminate odour. You can have your toilet close to your home without smell from the pit.
Eliminates flies and other insects that can spread germs and disease.
Smooth, durable, easy-to-clean plastic surfaces provide a cleaner, more pleasant toilet experience.
Easily rinsed with as little as 200ml of water.
Eliminates risk of children falling into the pit.


  • SATO Toilet Pans

    SATO Toilet Pans

    Superior toilet pans for pit latrines with unique, patented sealing mechanism to block odours and flying insects.

  • SATO Toilet Stools

    SATO Toilet Stools

    Comfortable, seated toilet options with unique, patented sealing mechanism to block odours and flying insects.

  • SATO Connection Systems

    SATO Connection Systems

    Facilitates the installation of SATO Toilet Pans in all type of offset pit latrines.

  • SATO Conventiona Toilet Pans

    SATO Conventional
    Toilet Pans

    High-quality toilet pans for use with SATO Connection Systems.

  • SATO Toilet Systems

    SATO Toilet Systems

    Complete, self-sealing toilet systems for multiple latrine designs and installation practices, providing superior performance and user experience.


SATO toilets are suitable for use with direct and offset pit installations, septic tanks, sewered connections, and other water-based containment systems.

SATO toilets can be utilized in new construction or retrofit into existing latrines to provide an easy, inexpensive upgrade.

Installation procedures vary by product type, latrine configuration, local practices and preferences. See attached PDFs for more information.

How to Use

  • 1.

    SATO toilets are equipped with a simple trap door mechanism that provides an airtight seal against odours and flying insects.

  • 2.

    After use, SATO toilets are flushed by addition of as little as 500ml of water, the weight of which causes the trap door to open, removing waste from the toilet pan.

    SATO models equipped with Low Flow trap doors typically open under the weight of the waste alone, and can be rinsed with as little as 200ml of water after use.

  • 3.

    The trap door then automatically closes, blocking flies, insects and unpleasant odours. A small quantity of rinse water should remain in the trap door to provide an airtight, water seal.

Case Study

Listen to users in Kito Village, Uganda, describe their experience with using SATO and how their lives have changed for the better.
SATO is helping to improve hygiene and reduce spread of diseases, promoting healthier and more comfortable living in Uganda.